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Rashida Shams

I have over 20 years in the real estate industry as an investor for rentals and flipping rehab homes. In the last 7 years, I have successfully flipped over 30 homes, and now I want to use my knowledge and expertise to help my family and friends. 


I will be specializing in mid to high-end houses with beautiful designs as I love seeing all of the breathtakingly gorgeous homes in our area. Having a Masters Degree in Interior Design and Architecture, this is my favorite part of being a real estate agent where I can offer my clients the expertise in listing, staging, and designing their current and future homes.  I help build Rental Portfolios for My Clients.  


I love to work with my clients, getting to know them, educating them, and working with them to find them the home of their dreams. I love that look my clients get when they finally find “the one” and I am always so pleased to be able to find it for them.

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