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Jocelyn Diaz

Jocelyn Diaz is a professional photographer and entrepreneur. Her passion and drive lead her to create her own photography business, Clark St. Photography, at a young age. Along the way, Jocelyn has picked up the title of podcast host as the founder of You Were Right, Mom (Sorta) where she speaks on the mother-daughter relationship with her mom, Gina Diaz.


As a freelance artist with a keen eye for color detail and natural lighting, she has designed logos and created original imagery for commercial clients across the world. In her free time, she indulges in painting, photography, filming, and reading.


Her involvement with We Win LLC as well as We Win Foundation began as a result of her wanting to help people reach their fullest potential. While managing all her titles, Diaz is working towards a BFA in Graphic Design at DePaul University. Her goal is to become an art therapist and help children express themselves through art. “I believe something good can come from a difficult situation,” says Jocelyn. “Art allows us to create and let go of those harbored feelings.”

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