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Lori Palmer

Highly innovative, passionate, and empowerment-driven, Lori Palmer is an exceptionally multi-talented woman who has a sole mission to leave the world a little better than she found it through her diverse dedication and work ethic values. She is a compelling freelance graphic designer, multi-million-dollar start-up entrepreneur, and board member of the Non-for-Profit organization, We Win Foundation.


Lori was born and raised in a single-parent household, which inevitably forced her to grow up fast. She took on a hefty amount of responsibilities at a young age, and though it was not an ideal situation, it paved the way for her future prosperities. Today, Lori has earned a BFA in Graphic Design, is a full-time Executive Director at the largest Real Estate Investors Association in the Country, Chicago REIA, and shares her skills in various other business and non-profit relations that better society as a whole.


Nothing makes Lori happier and more fulfilled than being able to support and motivate others to become the best versions of themselves they can be. With her work at We Win Foundation, she has demonstrated her driven ardency by building a strong community of women that provide housing, financial, and emergency fund assistance for those facing sudden hardships. This in conjunction with her design eye, 10+ years in real estate, organizational skills, and motivation to succeed in everything she embarks on, has shaped Lori to become the influencing leader she is today.


Though Lori loves what she does and is always advancing herself both personally and professionally when she is not working, you can find her spending precious time with her family and friends, and enjoying a good movie/TV show in the comfort of her own home.

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