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Farrah Ali

Farrah Ali is known as a passionate professional and entrepreneur who continues to persevere in the many roles she takes on.  With more than 18 years of professional experience across a wide range of applications, Farrah has become known as someone with clear leadership skills and abilities, which she has no doubt demonstrated not only in her current roles but elsewhere throughout her professional career.

Farrah is a true visionary; in that, she saw a vision for her own career and fought through challenge after challenge to bring that vision to life. After overcoming a difficult divorce, Farrah was forced to start all over again. With two kids, she was a single, working mother in the insurance industry. After beginning her career in 2001, she continued to dedicate every waking moment to her career and her two children. She climbed the corporate ladder to upper management and watched her children succeed and grow alongside her.

Dedication and drive are two words that truly characterize Farrah as a person. While she was building her career and raising her children, she put her mind to work at nights to earn her undergrad. And by 2013, she had an MBA in her hand from Northern Illinois University. As a single mother, everything she did was for her children. She knew she needed to earn more passive income, so she began to invest in real estate in 2015 and has grown her own real estate investment portfolio to over 25+ properties.

After having success with real estate in 2019 she co-founded WE WIN LLC, an organization that inspires, educates, and motivates women to invest in real estate.  She wanted other women to feel as financially secure as she did.

Today, Farrah still remains committed to her career as an underwriting executive, while also keeping an eye on her real estate investing firm. In addition, she maintains an active role with the We Win Foundation, a foundation she helped to co-found in 2019 in order to give back to the community.   Farrah has since been featured in Yahoo News and Marketers Media for her instrumental role in helping local communities during COVID.

Each and every day, Farrah remains committed to lending her leadership abilities wherever necessary. With a successful track record, a diverse professional career, and a personal drive like no other, Farrah is an asset to every organization she serves.

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