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Pablo Sarmiento


Born in Ecuador, but raised in Chicago. Pablo is a dedicated father of 3, who has a passion for Real Estate, Health, and Fitness. Pablo had to overcome a lot at a young age.  The hardships and difficult situations he experienced shaped him into the man he is today.


With over 15 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, currently being the Managing Broker of Diaz Case Realty. Pablo's role as a Full-Time Real Estate Agent helped catapult him into becoming a Full-Time Real Estate Investor and Owner of Investor GC, a General Contracting Company created to help assist other investors in their contracting needs. The years of real estate knowledge has helped him grow his real estate portfolio to what it is today.


In his spare time, Pablo loves to give back to his community, especially guiding young men who lack a father figure to guide them to success. The energy and enthusiasm Pablo brings to any situation is what makes him not only a standout leader but a great team player. 

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