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Our Mission

Building a strong community of women by providing assistance in the areas of financial literacy, rental assistance for housing, and emergency funds due to sudden hardship. In most communities, affordable housing (or the potential to create it) already exists. Our mission is to identify cities and neighborhoods in need, where multifamily rental homes are at risk of being lost from the pool of affordable housing, or there was never enough affordable housing to begin with. By buying and upgrading existing properties, or developing new ones, we will supply long-term affordable housing opportunities to the communities that need it the most.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Building a community of strong women to support and mentor one another by being mentors and being mentored.  The focus is inspiring and coaching women to better their financial situation by providing education in Real estate Investing, Entrepreneurship, and encourage Philanthropy. At We Win Foundation our vision is to handle every aspect of the affordable housing process, from project financing and housing development to community outreach and long-term resident services. Our goal is to provide a custom approach to affordable housing which allows us to help more people and more communities while ensuring that each project is completed to our highest standards.

Meet the Board

Farrah Ali

Farrah Ali is known as a passionate professional and entrepreneur who continues to persevere in the many roles she takes on. With more than 18 years of professional experience across a wide range of applications, Farrah has become known as someone with clear leadership skills and abilities, which she has no doubt demonstrated not only in her current roles, but elsewhere throughout her professional career.


Gina Diaz

Attorney Gina Diaz is a mother of 3, ovarian cancer survivor, who dedicates her time helping undocumented immigrants at her law office, Diazcase Law, besides immigration law, Ginas' passion for real estate has come in handy as she has placed herself amoung the top Real Estate Attorneys in the State of Illinois.


Lori Palmer 

Highly innovative, passionate, and empowerment-driven, Lori Palmer is an exceptionally multi-talented woman who has a sole mission to leave the world a little better than she found it through her diverse dedications and work ethic values. She is a compelling freelance graphic designer, multi-million-dollar start-up entrepreneur, and board member of the Non-for-Profit organization, We Win Foundation.


Nancy Villacorta

Mexican born, raised in Chicago- has worked diligently since the age of 15 to establish herself as the financial powerhouse for many non-profit organizations throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs. She has helped establish housing programs as both operations director and program manager.


Maritza Lizama-Gomez


Rashida Shams

I have over 20 years in the real estate industry as an investor for rentals and flipping rehab homes. In the last 7 years, I have successfully flipped over 30 homes, and now I want to use my knowledge and expertise to help my family and friends.  I will be specializing in mid to high-end houses with beautiful designs as I love seeing all of the breath-takingly gorgeous homes in our area.


Jocelyn Diaz

Jocelyn Diaz is a professional photographer and entrepreneur. Her passion and drive lead her to create her own photography business, Daze Photography, at a young age. Along the way, Jocelyn has picked up the title of podcast host as founder of You Were Right, Mom (Sorta) where she speaks on the mother-daughter relationship with her mom, Gina Diaz. 


Pablo Sarmiento

Born in Ecuador, but raised in Chicago. Pablo is a dedicated father of 3, who has a passion for Real Estate, Health, and Fitness. Pablo had to overcome a lot at a young age.  The hardships and difficult situations he experienced shaped him into the man he is today.


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